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New Homes and Businesses:
Whether it’s a single 10,000sqft home or development of three hundred condominiums Wayne Paul Corporation is ready to take on the task. With over twenty years of experience we have designed, built and developed a wide range of projects. From Luxury estates in Old Westbury, Brookville, and east Hampton to luxury subdivisions in Melville, Commack and Dix hills. We are there from start to finish making sure your project gets all the attention it deserves.

Business and Private Renovations:
Some of the toughest jobs we encounter are renovations. Blending the original often disrepair structure into the new energy efficient aesthetically pleasing design takes a team of dedicated professionals.

Conceptual Design Services:
Our first projects started out as renovations and that taught us how to create architecturally appealing homes that blend in with the existing designs and not fight with them to create an unnatural looking Hodge podge of looks. Our team of designers will work with you every step of the way, to create that seamless flowing design character you deserve.

Construction Management:
Wayne Paul corp. can provide construction management to your project on a cost plus program in addition to our bid based fee structure. We typically charge a percentage of the construction cost plus a minimal out of pocket fee for general expenses. On large lengthy projects this sometimes works out to be the most cost effective approach.

Commercial Construction:
In addition to residential construction Wayne Paul corp. can provide Construction management to any commercial project, whether it’s an office building, warehouse, or retail center. With our extensive trade connections Wayne Paul can help save you both time and money. Bringing your project to fruition both on time and on budget.

Building Management:
For those times when you just don’t have the time to spare we can manage your properties both residential and commercial for less than it may cost you currently. Rent collections, In addition to Maintenance and repairs as licensed real estate brokers we can even help lease your space.