Wayne Paul Corporation:
   For those who know the difference...
The best companies combine fine workmanship with fine design. Artistic vision meets mechanical expertise to create products that do more than impress; they affect people through their beauty. This is why a Wayne Paul home has presence. Its exteriors invite. Its interiors have mood.
Every aspect is taken into consideration.
Established in 1982, Wayne Paul Corporation came into being when Wayne Steck, and Paul Steck its founders, decided to act on a dream—to build homes that would be both beautiful and works of quality. A successful entrepreneur, with an eye for design, joining forces with his brother, a construction enthusiast, to create a company that would be recognized as one of the top remodelers in the country. With over 400 houses on Long Island to their credit, they have built or restored homes that now grace many of Long Island’s most affluent neighborhoods: Jericho, Muttontown, Syosset, the Hamptons, Old Westbury. But whether the home is a multimillion dollar project or one that is more modest, every care is taken to give its future owners the key to a home that exceeds their expectations and will continue to be worry-free.

Money can buy quality, but it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get it. Only experience and knowledge will ensure that a home is more than a mere façade. When you build with Wayne Paul Corporation you know that only the most seasoned and qualified professionals have been assembled to create a dream home that can be inhabited for years to come—and that kind of know-how translates into millions saved over the long run.

Wayne and Paul Steck build homes as though they were going to live in them. They know what it means to have a dream and make it happen. They enjoy clients with exacting standards because they are proud of their work and stand behind it. Think of Wayne Paul for your next building project when you’re ready to see results beyond imagining.
Wayne Paul Corporation: For those who know the difference.